spacervert150BeautifulThings coverspacervert275Mario is one of the most talented singers I have ever worked with. We also just have a lot of fun together. “Who needs a label to make a CD?” we said. Over the course of a couple of years we bounced back and forth between Laguna Beach and Athens (with some fun days off) and assembled this CD.

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George Perris
Wonderful Greek singer
Steve and George
At Mario's place on Aegina
Mario and fan
Give 'em what they want
Mario Frangoulis
This way to my chapel
Steve gets in the act
Come and get it
Got it
A bird in the hand
A hill of chapels
More and more
Steve in his chapel
Century of Peace
Time captured
Chapel door
What is that strange insturment?
Hillside Hike
He actually uses the buttons
In natural habitat
Mom ....Look
That's close enough
Alright Stairs
Just catching my breath
Quiet Coast
peaceful sea
Window with a View
The skyline framed

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